Just got back from my trip to Crete with Kevin Byrnes and his girlfriend, and fellow herp enthusiast Suzanne. What a great trip it was, despite mixed weather, including hail storms we found pretty much everything we wanted.  After a first couple of days with rain and wind which were spent in pursuit of amphibians, we were lucky to have two whole days of sunny weather which allowed us to find lots of reptiles. As well as seeing some nice endemic species, we were able to find two beautiful Leopard snakes (Zamenis situla) on our final day at a great spot we discovered, both hiding under stones. The most beautiful specimen was a first snake find for Suzanne, and what a lucky first find! Furthermore I was happy to meet John Mclaren at the Crete aquarium in Heronissos who is doing wonders to educate foreigners and locals alike with regard to the reptiles (especially snakes) found on Crete. You can see his website at: John informed me how he has to be very careful with regard to some foreigners who visit and claim to want to see snakes, but in fact the Leopard snake is a grand prize for terrarium keepers, and many specimens are taken each year from Crete and elsewhere in Greece. These people are not real Herpetologists, no one who loved these animals would ever take them from their habitat, put them in a suit case and then sell the in the UK, Germany or any other country. I really hope these people get what is coming to them when they arrive at the airport. But I am happy to say, the nice areas we discovered will never be reached by such people. Here are a couple of photos from the trip:





3 Comments on “Crete

  1. What a really great blog you have started Matt! I have added your updates down the right side of mine so hope it helps increase visitors. Your trip to Crete sounds like it was a fantastic success – look forward to hearing more about it! Best wishes, Andrew


  2. Cheers Andy! I also did some nice recordings of Hyla arborea calls, and even some of American Bullfrogs which have been introduced to one area of Crete. See you soon, Matt


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