Good news for amphibians in S-E Spain

pelodytes-copyLast year, I was in the barren southern province of Murcia, which due to lack of annual rainfall and being one of the driest regions in the whole of Spain was loosing some of its amphibian reproductive sites. With a rare day of heavy rain in May 2008, I and local biologist Vicente Hernandez- Gil discovered a wonderful small pond which not all contained Natterjack Toads (Bufo calamita) but also Parsley Frogs (Pelodytes punctatus) and Western Spadefoot Toads (Pelobates cultripes)! Parsley Frogs are unknown from the drier parts of the province and were only thought to be distributed in the north-western regions. After my return to the UK, Vicente informed me that in September after some further rain the pond was alive with amphibian choruses, and this year he has found a further two amphibian species at the site, which is really great news in a province so straved of any freshwater. To see a short video of the Parsley Frogs see an uploaded video of Vicentes:



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