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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Last year, I was in the barren southern province of Murcia, which due to lack of annual rainfall and being one of the driest regions in the whole of Spain was loosing some of its amphibian reproductive sites. With a rare day of heavy rain in May 2008, I and local biologist Vicente Hernandez- Gil discovered a wonderful small pond which not all contained Natterjack Toads (Bufo calamita) but also Parsley Frogs (Pelodytes… Read More

In 2006 I visited the Dodecanese island of Kos, here I found a number of Black Whip Snakes (Dolichophis jugularis), but to my surprise I also found some Large Whip Snake (Dolichophis caspius) including a real giant of 220cm! Both are large (over 200cm) diurnal snakes, that feed on large rodents and usually inhabit cultivated areas. These big whip snakes cause alot of confusion for Biologists as in the past animals found… Read More

This time last year I was living in Spain seeing all kinds of reptile and amphibian species. This year, back at home in the North- West there are still a few herps to be found. Some recent nice weather allowed me, mostly in the company of my girlfriend, to photograph some emerging species close to home, such as Common Toads (Bufo bufo), Common Frogs (Rana temporaria), Smooth Newts (Triturus vulgaris), Viviparous Lizards… Read More

Welcome to my blog, as a first posting I thought I would tell you of my final trip of 2008, which was on the Dodecanese island of Symi, Greece. I last visited this tiny, barren island in April 2007, where I lived on a rural farm with my South African friends Nicholas and Adriana Shum. It was really a great experience having an accommodation in an olive- grove which was alive with… Read More