King cobra

(Ophiophagus hannah) (Günther, 1864)

Female guarding her nest in a remote area of evergreen rainforest bordering a steep waterfall. Sumatra, Indonesia.

Latest (short) trip report: Kaeng Krachan 2022

Whenever I am in Kaeng Krachan in Phetchaburi one thing quickly dominates my time: finding a King cobra! It is almost as if I don’t care about seeing any other reptile. During previous visits to this amazing area I have been very fortunate to have seen around a dozen of these snakes with varying degrees of success in terms of taking in situ photos of them.

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Recently, I decided that it was time for the website to evolve from The European Amphibian & Reptile Blog to Amphibian & Reptile Travels. This is because I have now started traveling further a field to explore different aspects of my interest in herpetology and therefore the site would need a wider coverage of visits to other places outside of Europe. In addition, I am also interested in almost all other kinds of wildlife but I especially like watching and photographing mammals and birds.

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